HTR (Huobi Token Russia) – token, digital asset, emitted by Huobi Russia.

1. HTR - have internal functionality that gives the owner of the token privileges. In particular, the opportunity to participate in investment projects of Huobi Russia. Provide the ability to use and pay for Huobi Russia services on special conditions.

2. HTR is used by projects to pay for participation in the listing at the Huobi Russia site.
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Listing of tokens issued by the exchange has a number of differences from tokens of other issuers:

1.1. Transparency of business. The quality of the issuer and the quality of the token issued by it, as well as the stability of its price after being placed on the exchange, are determined by the following criteria:
  • openness
  • globality
  • legality
  • scalability
  • clear sources of income
  • stable financial flows.
The business of the Russian branch of the Huobi Russia Exchange fully satisfy the above criteria.

1.2. Technical capabilities. Huobi Russia exchange is an IT company with a highly developed technical and trade infrastructure. It has the financial and trading capabilities to maintain liquidity and a stable market price of its token. It should be noted that it is the issuers of tokens who go to the exchange with the question of listing tokens and are evaluated for satisfaction of the requirements of the exchange. Not all tokens issuers receive a listing.

1.3. Business reputation. Exchange Huobi, a global company with a worldwide reputation and well-known low-lying high service quality standards of customers and services. The tokenization of regional (local) divisions of the Huobi Global exchange, such as Huobi Russia, is strictly regulated by the parent company. This approach guarantees the customer the high quality of the products offered, and the low level of customer complaints.

HTR listing on Huobi Russia for Accreditied Investors starting in
Price ($)
Liquidity (token)
4 140 867
Strike 6
Strike 5
Strike 4
Strike 3
Strike 2
Strike 1
Strike 0
Strike 0
5 000 000
3 500 000
2 000 000
1 500 000
1 000 000
1 000 000
1 000 000
5 000 000


1 000 000
1 000 000
1 000 000
1 500 000
2 000 000
3 500 000
5 000 000
Strike - price step. The minimum possible price change.
The cost of one HTR token in USDT.
Liquidity. The number of HTR tokens available for purchase on the current page.
The current amount remaining to purchase HTR tokens on the current strike.
The number of days that have passed since the start of the sale of HTR tokens on the current strike.
Number of tokens HTR you want to buy
Your external ВТС / ETH / USDT address**
Your E-mail
Phone number
ERC20 address***
* - your identifier on the exchange Huobi Russia. To obtain it, go to the registration on the exchange.

** - your external BTC / ETH / USDT-address. The address from which you pay. Required to identify your payment.

*** - your external ERC20 address (we recommend using MyEtherWallet). The address where you will receive your HTR tokens.

1. All fields on the participant form are required.

2. After processing, an e-mail address specified in your application will be sent from the official Huobi Russia e-mail address:

3. The letter will contain the address to which you need to pay for your HTR tokens.

4. The letter will contain payment amounts in the tokens that you selected as payment and indicated in the application.

5. Within no more than 12 hours from the moment funds are credited to the address of Huobi Russia, HTR tokens will be received at your ERC20 address specified in the application.

6. You can check the availability of HTR tokens on your ERC20 address using the Ethereum blockchain block browser service at: or: Enter your address in the line search and check for tokens.
Token Holder – Huobi Russia customer loyalty program, aimed at creating special conditions for the acquisition and storage of HTR tokens by customers, as part of PRE-Sale HTR.
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We appreciate every customer of Huobi Russia and are grateful that you chose our HTR token. We want to express our appreciation through a special system of discounts and rewards.

Huobi Russia discounted the cost of HTR tokens purchased by the client on the PRE - Sale Tokenpad platform in the amount of 0.02 USDT (2 cents) per month for each HTR token purchased. This means that by purchasing HTR today through the platform of Tokenpad Huobi Russia, the client receives a refund of a part of the paid value each month, as long as he is holding HTR (Holder) tokens.

To become a member of the loyalty program fill out the form below.
Your E-mail
Phone number
Number of yours HTR
ERC20 address**
USDT address***
* - your identifier on the exchange Huobi Russia. To discover it, go trough the registration on the exchange.

** - your ERC20 address where your HTR tokens are stored.

*** - your external USDT-address to which you will receive a refund of a part of the cost.

1. All fields on the participant form are required.

2. The period of validity of the loyalty program from 01/04/2019 until the time of the exchange listing.

3. The date of joining the client to the loyalty program: from the moment of identifying the ERC20 - the client address specified when filling out the participant's form, and the fact of holding HTR tokens at this address.

4. Terms of cashback:
  • The identified ERC20 address of the client specified when filling out the form of the participant.
  • Availibility of a specified number of HTR tokens on the client's ERC20 address as of the date of calculation.
  • No movement of HTR tokens from the identified ERC20 address during the whole time of participation in the loyalty program.
  • The date of calculation and accrual is the date of the 30th day since the last replenishment of the identified address.
  • Calculation and charges are made every 30th calendar day.

5. A refund of a part of the cost is nominated and is made in USDT, to the client's address provided when filling out the participant's form.